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Rainwater Botanicals

Balsam & Pear natural perfume oil

Balsam & Pear natural perfume oil

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Introducing Balsam & Pear Natural Perfume Oil, the essence of autumn captured in a bottle.


Immerse yourself in the crispness of a fall harvest, intertwined with the earthy sweetness of forests adorned with freshly fallen leaves.

This exquisite fragrance begins with top notes of golden pear, delivering a burst of crispness, complemented by the delicate sweetness of apricot. As the scent unfolds, you'll discover a harmonious blend of bergamot mint, wild rose, and clary sage at its heart. These floral and herbaceous notes are beautifully grounded by the warm embrace of balsam, copaiba, and amyris, evoking the comforting essence of a forest bathed in sunlight.

Crafted with utmost care, Balsam & Pear Natural Perfume Oil is made using only naturally derived fragrances, essential oils, resins, and absolutes. We believe in the power of nature, harnessing its finest elements to create a scent that is both captivating and authentic. Our perfumes are free from synthetic additives, ensuring a pure olfactory experience that transports you to a fall orchard with every application.

Experience the convenience and luxury of our .35oz glass bottle, adorned with a secure metal screw top. Designed to fit effortlessly in your pocket or handbag, it allows you to carry the essence of autumn wherever you go. Made with organic jojoba oil, this perfume oil nourishes your skin while enveloping you in its alluring aroma.

A little goes a long way with Balsam & Pear Natural Perfume Oil. Simply dab a small amount on your pulse points, and let the scent unfold throughout the day. With its long-lasting formula, this bottle will accompany you through many months of autumnal bliss, depending on your usage.

Indulge in the allure of our all-natural, aromatherapeutic perfume oil. Fall in love with the essence of the season, captured in every drop. Elevate your autumn experience with Balsam & Pear Natural Perfume Oil - the perfect companion for those seeking a fragrance that is both enchanting and true to nature.

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