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Rainwater Botanicals

Effective Natural Deodorant, vegan, zero waste

Effective Natural Deodorant, vegan, zero waste

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Natural Deodorant That Actually Works!

A truly remarkable deodorant, free of irritants and chemicals yet extraordinarily effective! Organic Virgin Virgin Coconut oil is a remarkably effective natural deodorant that moisturizes and soothes the most sensitive skin. Essential oils lend scent that help keep you dry and smelling delightful! Baking soda and organic arrowroot powder also fight wetness and bacteria, while vegetable waxes and oils soothe your worst razor burns and rashes. No propylene glycol, or aluminum, or any other irritating chemicals, just pure natural ingredients that work together to keep you smelling sweet even after a work out! Our deodorant has been raved about by both men a women, and they keep coming back for more.
Unlike some natural deodorants this will keep working all day and night for you, without that sticky feeling. And it won't crap out on you in the morning either. And unlike some other "natural" deodorants, this is truly natural, without synthetic ingredients! The natural oils and waxes soak in almost immediately, even for those who aren't clean shaven. Have no fear, it won't leave a grease stain on your shirt like one may be imagining now....your skin will feel soft like you have nothing on at all within minutes of applying it. Give it a try, you have only stinky to lose!

Soy wax(non-gmo), Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic arrowroot powder, Baking soda, Organic neem oil, Tamanu oil, Kaolin Clay, Rosemary extract, Essential oils.


****Awesome product! It works, it works, it works, hallelujah! A natural deo that keeps me odor free all day long without needing to re-apply. It is not messy and it feels nice too. Thanks a million!

Hi! I got the Lemongrass Deodorant recently, and I am so thrilled. I love tamanu, neem, and coconut oils -- I always use them in my skin care. I'm really excited to see them in a deodorant. But what's even better is that this deodorant actually WORKS. It keeps me dry and smelling fresh for hours. I have been using natural and organic deodorants for several years, but yours has quickly become my favorite. I will definitely order more in the future.

****Hello! Just wanted to drop a note to say that I am very happy with both of the items I purchased from you. I am very skeptical about natural deodorants, but yours works! The true test is the armpit sniff at the end of the day, and yours passed the test! I also love the coconut lime sunscreen. It smells so good and also feels great on the skin! I really appreciate the work that you do and your fabulous products.
Thank you.

****Love, love the way this smells - and keeps the smell from me. Wonderful!

****#1 - The Philadelphia area is very hot and terribly humid. My deodorant sat in a metal mailbox for hours yesterday. I opened the box to find my products carefully wrapped and completely unscathed - so, wow, I was already impressed. Then I admired the lovely labeling! I have gone through 4 different "natural, vegan, aluminum-free deodorants" ove the past 2 months and subsequently have been in agony for 2 months. I very obviously am allergic to one of the common ingredients, but I am determined to go aluminum-free!! So, I found RainwaterBotanicals, and the ingredient list was different, so I'm wearing my lemongrass deodorant right now (which smells fantastic!) and I think we have a winner! By now, my underarms would be flaming red, itching and burning - and they are not. God bless you RainwaterBotanicals, I think I love you. Cheers xo

****Love it, Will buy more. Smells great.

****It's different from other natural deodorant because it's like a moisturizing butter! It took me awhile to figure out how much I would need to apply on myself since I live in FL and it's very humid here. Too much will make my armpits sweat like nothing...I'm happy that not only that it works, but my hair seem to more spare too! and my skin at that area looks so much nicer and softer now too ^___^. I got it in Jasmine Wind. I love the fragrance. I even use the deo on my body sometime since it smell so nice. Great customer service. Accepted my return(original order was Lemongrass scent) and made me a new deo without any hesitation. Fast shipping too! Thanks! :D

****This actually works! I exercise every day, so I sweat a lot. This keeps me dry and fresh all day.

****Wonderful deodorant, smells awesome and worked all day and night, even through a hard workout. Shipped superquick, too. :)

****This smells great! Did a workout yesterday and as I got warmer, the smell of this got stronger. This really works and keeps my underarms really soft. Highly recommended.

Spruce & Cardamom is a spicy, woodsy scent with notes of fragrant spruce and spicy cardamom and nutmeg. A very clean and sophisticated new scent!

Wild Rose & Bergamot: A light and sweet rose scent complimented by the spicy citrus bergamot and grounded with palmarosa. This is not a strong cloying floral but a light and clean smelling fresh rose scent.

Patchouli Citrus: Citrus is the perfect complimentary scent for earthy patchouli and makes it fun and refreshing to wear. We used lots of grapefruit, pink grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and lime for a sharp sparkling citrus and then grounded it with beloved and earthy patchouli. For men and women alike!.

Madagascar: Exotic and full bodied vanilla absolute enhanced by the spicy floral ylang ylang and tempered by gentle chamomile. This is a sweet, powdery scent delicate and feminine.

Coconut Lime: Sweet vanilla is perked up by fresh sparkling Lime in a sultry natural coconut extract. Perfect for men and women.

Lemongrass: A single note deodorant. A sharp, crisp, fresh Lemongrass...that is all.

Lavender Sage: an herbal combination of sweet, floral lavender and earthy grounding sage. Perfect for men and women. The mildest scented of our deodorants.

Silk Road: Sultry floral notes of ylang ylang and orange blossom fuse with aromatic tones of sage, vetiver, and sandalwood. This exotic fragrance invokes distant destinations and travels. It starts off softly floral with a subtle powdery feminine dry down with just a touch of ancient spice.

Off The Grid: Sweet wildflower honey and juicy blueberries is enriched by whispers of herbal lavender, soft rose and vanilla. Sweet and slightly floral with notes of fresh blueberries, this delicious new scent is perfect for summer!

Timber: Australian sandalwood is accented with top notes of grapefruit, lemon, and lavender while fir needle and patchouli give an earthy feel. Hazelnut and vanilla bean add a subtle nutty gourmand quality that provides richness.

Speakeasy: A heart of aged bourbon and tobacco leaf are enveloped with notes of cypress, lemon zest, western red cedar, vetiver, black pepper and guaiacwood.

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Customer Reviews

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Thank you so much. Always wonderful 😊

Thank you so much. Always wonderful 😊

Love the scent of this deodorant and the l...

Love the scent of this deodorant and the lasting affects! 🙏 Thank you.

A forever customer. Thank you.

A forever customer. Thank you.

Paige Turcotte
i know your supposed to wait out the natur...

i know your supposed to wait out the natural deodorant process so it works but even after 2 months i still have some sort of BO. it's not as strong as i wished it was

Paige Turcotte
i could smell this and the BO after i took...

i could smell this and the BO after i took my shirt off it was so strong, it just didn't work for me