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Rainwater Botanicals

Sweet Birch Palm Free Vegan Soap

Sweet Birch Palm Free Vegan Soap

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Sweet Birch Palm Free Vegan Soap, a luxurious treat for your skin

Crafted with care, our palm free soap is vegan, biodegradable, non-GMO, gluten-free, paraben-free, and free from sulfates, artificial fragrance, and color. We believe in offering you a soap that not only nourishes your skin but also respects the planet we call home.

Indulge in the goodness of our vegetable-based soap, which provides excellent moisturization, a clean rinse, and a luscious, buttery soft lather. Perfect for the whole family, our big 5.5oz bars are long-lasting, ensuring a lasting supply of freshness and cleanliness.

Immerse yourself in the invigorating scent of pure therapeutic grade sweet birch essential oil. Known for its soothing properties, this wintergreen aroma awakens your senses and relaxes sore muscles, making it the perfect companion for a refreshing start to your day or a peaceful wind-down before bed.

At Rainwater Botanicals, we believe in the power of nature. That's why our soaps are naturally fragranced and colored using essential oils, absolutes, extracts, herbs, and minerals. We never use synthetic ingredients, ensuring that your bathing experience is as pure and natural as possible.

But our commitment to the environment goes beyond the ingredients. We have made the decision to go palm free, as the palm oil industry is linked to deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty, and indigenous rights abuses. By choosing our palm free soap, you are joining us in the fight against these issues and helping to protect vulnerable species like orangutans and Sumatran tigers from extinction.

Each bar of our palm free soap is carefully handcrafted with love and attention to detail. The combination of coconut oil, safflower seed oil, and nourishing glycerin leaves your skin cleansed, moisturized, and never dried out.

Experience the difference of a truly natural soap that cares for your skin and the planet. Treat yourself to the Sweet Birch Palm Free Vegan Soap and discover the beauty of nature in every lather.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Myristate, Sorbitol , Kaolin clay, Sweet Birch Essential Oil, Sorbitan oleate, Oat protein Titanium Dioxide.

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Customer Reviews

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Fast shipping, sweet, lovely sent.

Fast shipping, sweet, lovely sent.

I'm really liking this soap, my skin is so...

I'm really liking this soap, my skin is so soft. It's nice to have a soap that cleans, but dosen't leave my skin so dry. Would definitely recommend.

5 stars review from Edmund

5 stars review from Edmund

The Sweet Birch soap was okay. The scent...

The Sweet Birch soap was okay. The scent is not exactly what I expected. It smells kind of medicinal. Overall, it is a good size bar of soap and lathers good.